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Banni Mata Temple

Banni Mata Temple, additionally renowned diversely because the Mahakali Banni Mata Temple, is found in Chamba District, a hill station within the State of Himachal Pradesh in north Asian country. This temple is placed at a height of eight,500 feet, right at the bottom of gorgeous Pir Panjal zero in the Chamba natural depression. it’s Associate in Nursing ancient temple dedicated to Devi Kali, a immortal figure in Hinduism. The temple is encircled by deep forests at the foot of the Himālayas. it’s journeying place that hold an expensive inclusion of flora and natural beauty. it’s known as Sakti Devi Temple too. it’s on the subject of Tundah village and simply opposite to Manimahesh Peak. This temple is known as as Banni as a result of this place includes a ton of Ban trees or Oak trees.

The legend behind Banni Mata dates farther back to the Mahabharata. Right up to the Panadavas and Mahabharata. it’s same that each one the five Pandava brothers, having dominated their kingdom departed for the mountain range. whereas roaming within the mountain range in search of Swarg (the Hindu heaven), they reached somewhere close to the Pir Panjal vary. Spring was setting in and that they set it had been time to travel a bit higher and begin farming for food. So, they headed towards Charola (near Kali Chho Pass). whereas on their far, they encountered multiple obstacles. The mountains were tough to run on, snow was everywhere. there have been treacherous slopes and crevices. Suddenly, it started snowing. One once another, four of the Pandavas and Draupadi succumbed to the weather and parcel of land. As every one started dying, the others found a reason for his/her death in his destiny throughout that incarnation. virtually Yudhishthira, United Nations agency was renowned for his morality, died on the method. Yudhishthira reached Swarg.

When four of the brothers and Draupadi had died and Yudhishthira had reached Swarg, Draupadi, whose mortal flesh is believed to possess been colonised by immortal Kali sometimes, appeared within the incarnation of immortal Kali. it’s believed an enormous rock in high Pir Panjals at Charola split vertically to reveal three Trishuls, which might still be seen there. After this, the immortal found her next home at Lyundi, at the bottom of the Pir Panjals and at last settled within the village of Banni. Since then, there has been a temple dedicated to Banni Mata (an incarnation of Kali) at this village.

The temple and also the immortal area unit each vital within the Bharmour region. Shepherds crossing Kali Chho pass to Lahaul (Kali is for immortal Kali and Chho is body of water, the pass includes a body of water getting ready to it) visit the temple to hunt the goddesses blessings for a secure crossing and have done therefore for ages currently. Pilgrims from everywhere the Bharmour region and alternative elements of Himachal notice their thanks to the temple to pay obeisance to the immortal. it’s believed immortal Kali grants all needs and offers youngsters to couples United Nations agency haven’t got anyone, creating the journey with total devotion and fervor. someday around August, within the Bhadrapad month of the Hindu calendar, a good is organized at the temple and it attracts devotees from all around. The fair, in typical Kali Puja vogue involves cut the heads of the many goats. As before long as a goat’s head is cut, the temple priest-doctor, known as Chela in native language and given with special powers by the immortal drinks the blood of the cut goat. it’s same he will drink blood from as several goats as area unit cut at a time which this ability could be a reflection of his being in direct communion with the immortal. Liquor is another common providing and also the Chela takes a gulp from every bottle offered.

In recent times, the journeying to Banni Mata has become a lot of easier with a road approaching Tundah, that leaves solely four kilometre to run. With another road planned to attach Banni, the trek can before long be over. However, the journeying additional up to Lyundi and Charola can still attract pilgrims by thousands

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